The spirit of the sovereign Almighty Father is upon us, and we are called to build a family that fosters the faith of the people through all ages and religions.

A family with a home that will amalgamate the children of Almighty Father who are divided by religion and denomination.

God the Father Almighty Philanthropic Development Office was born to create a spiritually healthy community of peace, acceptance and unity despite diversity of understanding the truth.

It envisions through the Father God to be the answered prayer of those who seek the presence, the comfort and the greatest love coming from the Almighty Father.


We are called, and in faith we will submit. Our mission is to help the lost, proclaim Father God's unending love, give service to humanity, unite Almighty Father's beloved children, and to help them experience a father-child relationship with the Father God.


On April 05, 2015, Christopher L. Tundag of Cebu City, Philippines, had received a revelation from Father God.

He remembered how a mellow voice reached him out, calling for his name to proclaim the love and the word of Almighty Father. By that very moment, Bro. Chris already knew what that voice wanted to convey.

He did not question the Father, he instead let the Almighty Father take him to His plan.

Since then, a spiritual connection opens, and Bro. Chris continues to receive messages from God the Father.

With the holy messages from the Almighty one, he saw his purpose in this world.

The time has come for Almighty Father's children to proclaim His name, His love and His kindness, as one.

With God Almighty’s help, Bro. Chris will establish a huge Father-centered family where we'll feel that we are His sons and daughters and that we belong to Him, a family filled with the love of God Almighty and love from fellow beings, and a family of peace where we cannot feel the division of beliefs.

However, it is inevitable for a Father's follower to experience persecution,challenges and rejections (found in Acts 5:41, Acts 8:1-4 and Luke 6:26,40).

Bro. Chris encountered it all through his journey, but he did not give up on the Almighty Father.

He approached pastors, leaders of some religious groups and had an interview with a well-known T.V show, still, his messages were not accepted.

After all, his faith to God the Father Almighty was not lost eventhough he received a series of rejections.

Until, God the Father brought him to the point where he would preach and teach.

"Seek for our Father, the only creator, glorify Him and worship Him, as one.

Proclaim to the world of His love and feel the true love. Pray, knock on your heart, and let the Almighty Father enter."

Bro. Chris, as the deliverer, sealed this to his listener.

God the Father Almighty Philanthropic Development Office. Was duly registered by Securities and Exchange Commission on August 2015 at Cebu City,Cebu, Philippines.




As our organization grows more and more in the grace of God the Father Almighty, we want the whole world to sign in the love He wants us all to receive. There by, God the Father Almighty Philanthropic Development Office has a new project called "The Prayer Mountain"