PRAYER MOUNTAIN is a Project of God, The Father Almighty King of Kings and Lord of Lords is non-sectarian religious community uniting all beliefs of all religions or denominations in the world with a mission to create the reality that there is only one GOD and HE is our Father.
On April 5, 2015 at 9 o’clock in the morning happened the revelation to a certain Christopher L. Tundag from Cebu City, Philippines. He said that God revealed to him to share his personal experience with God, The Father Almighty.
It’s now time that the people, the universe will call and preach His name. He will be creating the biggest family wherein, we are his sons and daughters.
Whatever religions or denominations you belong, as long as you believe that there is only one God, the ultimate Creator, you are welcome to be part of His family. Spread the message of His Love and tell everyone to knock their heart three times everytime they talk to God, the Father Almighty.
Talk to Him as our father. He wants to have a Father-Son and Daughter relationship. When we pray, always include the prayer taught to us by Jesus. The Lord’s Prayer is not ordinary prayer. It is a password to connect to God, the Father Almighty.’’
From then, a spiritual connection opens and receives fresh messages from Him. Bro. Chris tried to approach pastors , leaders in some religious groups and even interviewed in a known TV station, but the idea and messages were not accepted until such time Bro. Chris prayed and had spiritual conversation and if given the authority, he will be bringing and preaching God’s name.
God, the Father Almighty King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Inc. was duly registered by Securities and Exchange Commissions on August 2015, at Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines.